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Olympic Games Custom Wristbands / Lanyards / Card Holders
Release time:2016-8-18 0:00:00

Recently, everyone's focus is on the Rio Olympics, we cheer for Olympic athletes, but also noted a lot different compared to previous years, especially where the athletes in front of the camera , it is a great change in previous years style, humorous, funny, referring to this, it is not spontaneously think of one person ? Yes, she is Fu Yuanhui, just won the bronze medal at the Rio Olympic Games women's 100 meters backstroke final in 58 seconds 76 results in the game. In front of the camera after the game ,she is pretty uninhibited, lively exaggeration, the "prehistoric girl" is now popular at home and abroad, attracted many fans with her strength , there are net friends producing a variety of expression package which makes the Olympic Games relaxed.


Everyone concerned about the Olympic Games,Is there someone paying attention to our company ,Lovecolour ? We specialize in customied sports lanyards,badge holders,fabric bracelet, wrist band, various styles of them, so no matter what time you have your own label or groups', in this aera of showing personality, you ,the one being stealth , what are you waiting for?


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Address:Building G,Jintai Creative Garden,Helong Yilu,Jiahe Area,Baiyun District
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